America's Caregiving Crunch

Are Businesses Ready?


PL+US: Paid Leave for the United States conducted independent research into family caregiving policies at the country’s largest employers. Our research shows that companies are unprepared for the silver tsunami—nearly every single employer we surveyed has no offering of paid family caregiving time to meet this demand.

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Left Out

How corporate America’s parental leave policies discriminate against dads, LGBTQ+, and adoptive parents


An in-depth look at the paid family leave policies of the largest employers in the United States reveals a stark picture of exactly who is being left out: the majority of the nation’s top companies give little or no paid parental leave to dads and adoptive parents. Current policies make it challenging for fathers to play an active role in family caregiving and also have a disproportionate impact on LGBTQ+ employees.

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The Haves & Have Nots of Paid Family Leave

Unequal Policies from the Nation's Largest Employers

Paid family leave is an elite benefit in the U.S. 94% of low-income working people have no access to paid family leave. Unequal paid family leave policies at the nation's largest retail employers hits low-income and households of color the hardest. 

Read PL+US's findings and our index of the top retailers leading the way -- and the major corporate employers that are lagging behind.

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Forging Ahead or Falling Behind?

Paid Family Leave at America's Top Companies

114 million Americans have no paid family leave. Corporate America can be part of the solution.

The majority of top US companies have inadequate and discriminatory policies that often leave out dads, adoptive parents, and low-wage workers.

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