Winning paid leave will take the collective, collaborative work of a growing movement. 

Paid family leave is poised to be the next huge movement and policy victory in America. It is an issue that cuts across class and racial lines and touches every American -- from the new mother who has to go back to work just weeks after giving birth or the dad who is denied time to bond with his infant, to baby boomers caring for an aging parent, to anyone helping a loved one through cancer or other serious illness. U.S. policies have not caught up with our reality, and hundreds of millions of Americans are forced to choose between making ends meet and being there for a loved one when when they are needed most. This isn’t right, and the public is ready to change it. 

PL+US is growing the grassroots power to win paid family and medical leave with engaging, media-earning campaigns that reach new audiences, build victory momentum, and increase the political stakes for family leave in the U.S. 

We're excited to work with the hundreds of organizations who've helped make family leave a marquee issue in the U.S., and we’ve consulted with leading family leave advocates including 9to5Center for American Progress, CLASP, Make it Work,  MomsRising, The National Partnership for Women and Families, and Working Families to build our strategy.

PL+US supports Paid Family and Medical Leave policies that are:

  • Equal: We believe that every parent has a vital role to play in their child’s upbringing and every family member has a vital role to play in their family’s welfare through caregiving, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, immigration status, economic status, or family structure. We believe that paid family leave policies should be equally provided to mothers, fathers and adoptive parents -- moving beyond outdated distinctions of 'primary' and 'secondary' caregiving, that serve to perpetuate gender biases in the home and in the workplace. 

  • Inclusive: Siblings, grandchildren, and chosen family play critical roles in caring for aging parents, family members with a serious illness and newborn children.

  • Universal:  We support paid family and medical leave policies which apply to all working people and employees regardless of job type (salaried, hourly, full-time, part-time, subcontractor).

  • Sustainable: All working people are entitled to paid family and medical leave policies which offer significant, meaningful wage replacement and the ability to afford a basic standard of living without undue financial pressure, fear of retribution, or the loss of existing entitlements.
  • Accessible: Employees should be able to easily access details about paid family leave policies. Employers and policymakers should be able to easily administer Paid Family Leave with minimal disruption to business function. Employers and policymakers should address the underlying cultural and corporate barriers that may prevent or inhibit people accessing paid family leave.
  • Non-Partisan: The passage of National Paid Leave Policy that is effective and meaningful in the long term can only occur through the engagement and feedback of working people, businesses, labor, public policy institutions, philanthropic institutions, and policymakers with a broad range of political views, and shared values on the importance of family caregiving.


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