Family Leave Workshop is a 4-part training series to give you the support, resources, and tools you need to change your company’s paid family leave policy. It’s hosted by PL+US, a nonprofit organization dedicated to winning paid family leave for everyone in the U.S.

  • What You'll Get:
    • Best practice policies and proposals from people who have already won
    • Custom, personal coaching from experts
    • A community of awesome leaders cheering you along the way.
  • What You'll Do:
    • Attend 3 of the 4 online coaching sessions over the 8 week period
    • Participate in our private Facebook group (as much or as little as you like!)
    • Connect with leaders at your workplace to discuss paid family leave

Trainings will be held for 1-hour every other week and will meet four times throughout the fall.

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Family Leave Workshop is a training program established and run by PL+US: Paid Leave for the United States. Photos by WOCinTechChat, licenced under Creative Commons.