Thank you for committing to visit your member of Congress during the August recess! Click on the links below for two important documents to get you started:


August Recess Toolkit: This toolkit will walk you through everything you need to know to visit your congressional representative’s office to drop off the information sheet about paid family and medical leave.

The Information Sheet: Print and bring this with you to leave with the person you meet with — whether it’s the receptionist at the front desk, the member’s district director, or your member of Congress!

Find your member of Congress:

Before you head out, let’s figure out where the closest congressional office is to you!

Follow these two easy steps to find the district office addresses of your elected officals:
Step 1: Enter your address below
Step 2: Click "More..." to see the district office address

And remember, when you do the drop off, be sure to take a selfie and tweet your picture and tag @PaidLeaveUS.