Paid family leave is rapidly expanding in workplaces across the country, with proven benefits to employers, families, and our economy. 

PL+US interviewed dozens of people who successfully changed their organization’s paid family leave policies. From their experiences of what worked, we created a toolkit of resources to help you achieve a quality paid family leave policy at your own workplace.

Whether you work for a small or large business, a nonprofit or a corporation, these resources are written so that you can adapt them to your own individual workplace needs. To download our easy-to-use resources, including:

  • Step-by-Step Guide to making a case for paid family leave at your workplace

  • Sample paid leave proposal template

  • Cost Benefit Analysis calculator to help you estimate how much a paid leave policy will actually cost


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The Family Leave Workshop is a free online training and resource hosted by PL+US, a nonprofit organization dedicated to winning paid family leave for everyone in the U.S. Photos by WOCinTechChat, licenced under Creative Commons.