The Problem

In the U.S., people go into debt or even lose their jobs simply for having a baby or caring for a family member.

  • 1 in 4 Moms in the US returns to work just 10 days after childbirth

  • The U.S. stands alone as the only industrialized country with no national paid family leave policy.

  • 1 in 6 people spend an average of 20 hours every week taking care of sick or elderly family.


Our mission: winning high-quality paid family leave for everyone.

How we do it

  • We engage in all levels We transform workplaces, public policy, and culture so that everyone can give and receive family care when it matters most.

  • We transform workplaces Our work with employees, customers, and investors has resulted in expanded paid family leave access for over 1 million people at top companies like Walmart and Starbucks. And we're just getting started.

  • We win public policyWe are creating the political conditions necessary to win national high-quality paid family leave policy by cultivating new paid leave champions and accelerating momentum in the states.

  • We educate the public Our independent research, public engagement and media track record have transformed the public dialogue about paid family leave.


What We Can Achieve

Paid family leave isn't just good for families. 
It's also great public policy.

  • $900b annual increase 26 weeks of paid leave would increase US women's labor force participation to the tune of a 5% increase in GDP.

  • 2,300 babies 10 weeks of paid maternity leave reduces infant mortality by 10%

  • 6% low wage earners Paid leave in the U.S. is an elite privilege – only 6% of people working low-wage jobs have access to any paid family leave.


We run campaigns that make a tangible difference in peoples' lives.

Our latest campaign

High Quality Paid Family Leave

This is what high quality paid family leave looks like.

This fall, PL+US members will be walking the halls of Congress and visiting with legislators in their home districts to make sure our leaders know what families really need.

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