"Lack of paid parental leave is a widespread business practice, but that precedent does not make it right — it is time to change paid leave legislation to provide every American with the humanity they deserve. I am thrilled that Congress is pursuing this critical issue."

Jennifer Hyman
CEO Rent the Runway

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"When my daughter, Virginia, was only 3 months old, she needed surgery to repair her heart. You can't help what happens in your life, and we all need some kind of help when something drastic happens."

Amy Pulliam
Baton Rouge, LA

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"I’m neither a politician nor an expert on social security. But I am a dad. I’m in a unique position to ensure that all parents on our team have access to parental leave — because spending time with a newborn shouldn’t have to be a privilege or a financial burden."

Andy Katz-Mayfield
Co-founder and CEO, Harry’s

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"I am a mom to an almost 3-year old daughter and I'm pregnant. I work in the healthcare field and I know the importance of paid family leave. All newborns need time to bond with their parents and moms need time to recover from childbirth."

Bre Ono
Silver Spring

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"Paid medical leave is vitally important to me and my trans community. Everyone, whether you’re a part of the LGBTQ community or an ally, deserves time to care for themselves without risking financial instability."

Bri Barnett
Oakland, CA

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"As a gay dad, I didn’t get any paid leave when my kids were born. We gay dads are responsible not only for creating our families, but for raising our kids, too."

Brian Rosenberg
New York, New York


"Using our voices and sharing our experiences we got Walmart to change its policy — and they never would have given more leave without us. That’s why senators need to hear our experiences."

Girshriela Green
Los Angeles, CA

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“We know that our success over the long term will depend on the quality, happiness, and productivity of our employees so...we recently enacted our own policies to support these working parents as they navigate the craziness of work and family life. And we strongly support the implementation of comprehensive national paid family leave legislation.”

John Foraker
Co-Founder and CEO,
Once Upon a Farm


“Everyone deserves to be with their family when it matters most.”

Katie Bethell
Founder and Executive Director,
Paid Leave for the United States


“I support public policy that guarantees paid family leave not only for the best of times, the birth or adoption of a child, but also when a family is facing the most unimaginable news possible — that their child is seriously or terminally ill. Paid family leave for caregivers should be the rule and not the exception in our society.”

Matthew and Erin Tietjen
Vineland, NJ

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“A few years ago, I was waiting to welcome my first child into this world and also saying goodbye to my father who was hospitalized due to brain trauma. It's unjust that working families do not have adequate paid family leave.”

Rosario Luis
Orange, CA

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“The majority of Millenial men, like me, consider parenthood as central to their identity and are doing more childcare than ever before.”

Ryan Cervantes
Los Angeles, CA

Statements for the Record:

July 11 Senate hearing on paid family leave