Our advisors are experts who have succeeded at winning policy change at their own companies. Scroll below to learn more about the experts.


STEPHANIE RAMOS successfully convinced her small NJ company to offer paid leave to all employees.


ALICE VICHAITA is the Global Benefits Manager at Pinterest and has helped implement family programs at Linkedin and Salesforce.


DAVID HANRAHAN is the Vice President of People Operations at Zendesk in San Francisco and put into a place "16 weeks of parental leave for all parents" policy.


MEDHA RISHI helped pioneer a family caregiving plan at Square which provides 16 weeks of paid family leave to all new parents and options to assist with caring for a child, elderly parent or an ill family member.


JULIA SILBERGELD is the Director of Organizational Development & HR at MoveOn, a progressive advocacy organization. Previously, she worked in a variety of HR and business strategy roles at The San Francisco Chronicle, Farmigo, and Greenpeace. Julia received her MBA from Berkeley-Haas, studied film as an undergrad at Wesleyan University, and originally hails from LA.