Call your Members of Congress!

Call your Members of Congress!

Share your story with the Ways & Means committee!

Paid family leave has the power to change lives. Access to paid leave lets us be there for our loved ones, bond after birth, and recuperate from medical issues. Share your story about how paid family leave would change your life.

Thank Rep. Gomez and tell him what paid leave means to you

Rep. Jimmy Gomez has been a proven leader on paid family leave in California and now in Washington, D.C. He wants to hear from you: Please take a moment to thank Rep. Gomez for his leadership, and share what paid family leave means for you and your family.

Mainers' need paid family leave.

On Friday there's going to be a hearing on paid family leave at the statehouse in Maine! The possibilities for paid leave are exciting, and it's important for decision makers to hear your voice. Share your story of paid family leave in Maine today!

Share Your Equal Pay Story With Us

Four months into the year, and it’s finally Equal Pay Day: the day when women’s earnings match what men made in the previous year. Of course, April 2nd doesn’t represent the experience for all women. For Black women, the equivalent day is August 22, for Native women it’s September 23, and for Latina women it’s November 20.

We want to hear your stories: tell us about your experience with the pay gap or paid leave.

Ohioans need paid family leave

Ohio is in the middle of a family leave crisis. Paid family leave is barely accessible. And unpaid leave is not an option for 62 percent of working Ohioans. Will you join the campaign to tell the committee’s chair just how important paid family leave is to all Ohioans?

Urge your representative to be a paid family leave champion!